President’s Message

Pete Reihm, President, SWMCC

The pandemic has been dragging on for months. We even had some cases hit close to the Chamber, so we cancelled the August luncheon out of an abundance of caution to protect our members, employees, and volunteers. Praise God all the affected I know about have fully recovered. Cases in Mobile County have been declining about the past month, so hopefully we are finally on the backside of this persistent pandemic. Let’s keep up the masking and social distancing and hopefully this pandemic will soon become a memory.

President Trump has continued a form of enhanced unemployment benefits, but thankfully jobs are flooding back. The good news is many employers are hiring and businesses are reopening and even expanding. And companies are still coming like Matheson TriGas from Texas opening at 5715 Iron Works Rd. However, the hospitality sector is still suffering with many restrictions, so please support them when you can.

We are again resuming our regular schedule of events and continuing to observe all the guidelines.

Our next Coffee at the Chamber is 7:30am Tuesday, September 15th. The Business Expo is just weeks away on Monday September 21st, so reserve your space with Tina or Bryan Dewberry now!

Our next monthly luncheon is Wednesday, September 2nd and our guest speaker will be Sheriff Sam Cochran. The Sheriff will be making a presentation about ‘Grow Mobile.’ Mobile has been losing population for over half a century, but some 70,000 citizens live in the suburbs west of Mobile. Many of them have petitioned to be annexed only to be frustrated by the Mobile City Council. Once the second largest city in Alabama, Mobile has slipped to fourth, but if we allowed those that petitioned to be annexed, Mobile would once again be second and poised to be the largest city in Alabama. Along with Huntsville, Mobile has the strongest economic growth in the state, but the city must grow to thrive. Please join us to learn about this vital initiative.

It’s been a long pandemic summer, but we have learned to adapt and cope. Whether the virus goes or stays, we are coming back! Please join us as we rebuild, reopen, and restart! God bless you all!​

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