President’s Message

Curtis Polk, President, SWMCC

Curtis Polk

As I sit here admiring my collection of plastic king cake babies from this years carnival season, I reflect on how nice it is to be back to the norm as far as public events and parade attendance goes. I also have a brief short-lived realization of how many calories I consumed to get this collection and the fact that according to tradition, I have to bring the king cake next year to each function that I collected these little trophies from. It was worth it in both cases. It’s also so awesome that we had so many people get out and attend events that supported our cities and communities. Our events cannot survive without the support of the people in attendance, further evidence of our 2023 slogan “Strength In Numbers”.

Speaking of events , we have some awesome events coming up in March. Our Luncheon will be back on track for the first Wednesday of the month on March 1st. Our guest speakers will be Frederick Rendfrey, director of economic development for the Downtown Mobile Alliance and Albert S. Nelson SR, local veterans employment representative for Alabama Career Center. Networking will begin at 11:30AM.

We also have an event at The Grounds coming up that should interest bargain hunters and spring cleaners alike. Mobile’s Biggest Yard sale will be held at the Grounds on Saturday March 11th. They are still selling spaces at THEGROUNDSMOBILE.COM

Our coffee will be back on track for the third Tuesday of the month. Networking will begin at 7:30 AM for this free event and be followed by Coffee Chat by Coastal HR.

We are looking for volunteers for one of my favorite events of the year, our First Responders Drive Thru. Lunch will be held on March 30th at 11:00 AM. We need all the help we can get and it is very much appreciated by our local First Responders that work so hard all year providing protection and services for our communities.

Our Chamber is here for our partners. Reach out to us and keep in mind that we have “Strength in Numbers”.

Curtis Polk

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